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Originally Posted by son_of_siggy View Post
If you hunt around online and ask around the Mustang Forums you'll find dealers will to play @ or slightly below MSRP.
agreed. I was one of the first boss buyers(#225) and I happen to live in so cal, so price gouging was rampant. The dealer I went to go purchase from didn't take me seriously and wouldn't even unlock the door for me to look inside...In my infinite knowledge, I knew that the mazda dealership across the street was also owned by this ford dealer. I went across to the mazda fleet manager and told him my situation. After one call to the owner and 10 minutes of negotiating we settled on msrp. The entire Ford sales was there to witness me driving my new boss off of the showroom floor. Their faces were topic but I noticed that when I walk into a ford,toyota, nissan dealer they never take me seriously, however bmw sales(all of the dealers I've been to) always greet me and offer their full attention And no I'm not a difficult customer. I usually buy on my first visit

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