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Originally Posted by ericruiz911 View Post
OMG YES! Lets make it illegal for people to buy guns! Fuck it, lets make drugs illegal too.....oh wait they are and yet they are all around us. Half the guns on the street are not registered anyways so there will continue to be a black market for it. This guy purchased the guns like a regular civilian would. 6,000 rounds IS alot but there are plenty of people that can run through 6,000 round at a gun range between them and their friends. My personal opinion; the sentencing of convicted 1st degree murders should be death penalty. We kill alligators and sharks when we catch humans feeding them or whenever they attack us and why? because they are not afraid of us and could do it again. Why shouldn't we treat people who have mass murdered the exact same way. Im sorry if i sound irrational but its BS. We spend so much money to put scums in jail for life.....WHY?!??! they are going to rot in there anyways so just give it up. Sorry
The decision should be up to the family of the convicted murderer Like the life support machine If you want them to be locked up in jail the family should pay for the cost if not well then pull the plug..
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