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Originally Posted by Digital.James View Post
not sure where the culture went so wrong, because when i grew up riding everyone was taking it to the track. grew up idolizing rainey and schwantz (shwantz guy here). we wanted to imitate the biaggi and rossi battles. we wanted to track, that was the ultimate. now riding has become such a fashion statement, it's lame.
I WISH I had been more able to see and appreciate the Schwantz, Lawson, Rainey, Gardner era.

THAT was racing. None of this crying about an unfair pass or the machinery being to blame.

I actually met Kevin Schwantz last year in the Tech 3 Hospitality trailer at the Valencia MotoGP. We talked for a little while and watched the Moto3 Warm-Up. Awesome guy. Hoping to get to his school at some point once I get back to the states.

In hindsight, pretty crazy how talkative he was considering this was right after we lost Marco Simoncelli (RIP SIC).

Edit: Almost forgot to mention the kings....Roberts and Roberts JR. Talk about some crazy bastards.