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first you need to strip off the wax you just applied with something like the chemical guys citrus wash. (not sure how I feel about mixing in dawn soap to strip off protectant) You also need a compound with more cut, something of a Meguiars 105 nature. Black Paint is tough to work on. A lot of "paint correction" is trial and error as every paint is different. With a porter cable it is going to take TIME to get decent results regardless of your product. Also may need to go with a more aggressive cutting pad ( Lake Country Cyan Hydro Tech pads or the Flat foam yellow cut pads by LC. Another thing to look into may be the Meguiar's Microfiber cut pads with the D300 compound. Then follow up with a finishing polish like the Meguiars 205 or a Menzerna Super Finish (203). These combos also seem to work faster with the Griots Garage 6" DA polisher however I have seen people get good results with the PC. After product is spread apply pressure but still allowing the PC to spin (put a black marker on the yellow backing plate so you can see if it is still spinning or not). Do let up on the pressure on your final passes once you see the compound start to break down (transparent look). then also to save some product spray some water onto your compounded area and rework in the compound again as this will reactivate what is already on the paint, plus giving you more working time to get more results.

The swirls are going to be your biggest battle as this will take time. The compound will be your best friend on this aspect and the finishing polish will be to get rid of the haze.

That being said.... this can become a very spendy process playing around with products so I would not get a Lot of a product until you find the right combo for YOUR specific car.

Also remember, black shows EVERYTHING so it is very easy to put back scratches and swirls into the paint right after a correction process. Be sure you have microfiber towels that are fresh and do not apply pressure as you will quickly mar the paint with a simple swipe. (the lovely perks of owning a black car) BMW has pretty hard paint so it will again, take time.

How much time did you spend on each section and how are you breaking it up? I would do no more than a 2x2 area and you may even break it into a smaller work section depending on results.

*note* try doing this process with the products you have before buying others. I cannot stress the amount of patience and time it will take but done properly, you should get results

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