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Drives: fat cars are still boats
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Those cars are useless for road use. Who among us can make the most of those cars, let alone in a public road?!

Seriuosly, I drove a 1M in a daily basis and I have a LOT of fun in the process but am I making the most of it, am I using all the power available?!

The answer is a clear NO!

I wish the reason of my limitations as a driver was the hypothetical 1M's engine 'turbo lag'... the truth is, it's NOT!

You have to be a top driver to start concerning about such little things like the 1M's 'turbo lag' when compared to the best atmo engines... because the 1M's throttle response IS indeed very good.

Let's put all this into perspective... 95% (and I think I'm being generous here ) of the people that writes in car forums is NOT able to exploit at 100% more than the Toyobaru has to offer, me included!

And, if we are going on talking about driver's cars, because we all appreciate them, then we should talk about the ones we can actually know how to drive in the first place... that's the reason why the Toyobaru is such a bless!