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M3 Correction..... needs better results

I have a Jet Back M3..... paint has some swirls pitts ect. I visited a local detail supply store. The rep inspected my car and recommended the following:

Clay Bar
Microfiber wipe off
Usings a Porter Cable 5"
Lake Country Orange with Meguiars Ultimate Compound on speed 5
Microfiber wipe off
Lake County Red with Meguiars Ultimate Polish on speed 4
Micofiber wipe off
Glanz Wax applied with microfiber applicator
Microfiber wipe off

The results were not to my expectations. I feel the Ultimate compound did not cut as well as I was hoping for. It was obviously better then what I had so I continued with the rest of the steps. The polish was very difficult to wipe off. I had to spray the surface with water a few times to remove the product. The wax went on and off with no issues. The results left hazy light swirls only visble in direct sunlight. They are from one of the products. I offten found my towel wipes reappearing in the finish. I tried giving it another wash today to see if the results would improve. The hazing was still there and I found the water spots even more difficult to remove. Any other suggetions or products to try?


As I had menchioned in a post, the first combo of products didnt work so well for me. I gave the car a wash in Dawn soap to remove everything. Here a photo with a lamp on the hood.

You can clearly still see swirls. My hood is pretty pitted. Jet black is weird, its like a really hard clear coat, but a really soft undercoat, so it pits easly but swirls are hard to remove.

So I tried the Ultimate compound with the Meg Microfiber pad, then used the Menzerna 2500 with the LC Orange pad, then the Menzerna 4500 with the black pad. I really love the Menzerna Products, they wipe off really easy, and make the color really pop. Heres the same spot after all 3 stages.

I then waxed the whole car with the 1Z again but applied with with the LC red pad on like 2 on the PC. I didnt get a chance to take a bunch of pics in the sunlight kinda be busy changing the evaporator lol...

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