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I don't disagree with anything you guys are saying - but you'll find the same thing with cars. There are people with 328s that would probably spank some m3 or porsche 911 drivers around the track.

I'll never forget when I was a young kid my dad took me to this Porsche Car Club of America Track event with his older 911 that he personally did on the wrenching on. The guy he was next to had a brand new 911 (964 at that time) and my dad was excited to talk to the guy about it. As they talked it was clear the guy was an idiot and even worse knew nothing about the car. Reason I mention it is that this is not something that's new with cars or motorcycles.

It's just a way of life I suppose and some people will always talk a big game. I've never ridden a bike on the track (have with cars), but after the Alps trip I took... I could ride on those roads everyday and forever be satisfied. Below is raw video I took on one of the passes in the Dolomites. Completely unfamiliar road on a rented bike... Man, if I were a local I'd run up and down that stretch every day - A lot of fun

All that said I still thoroughly enjoy dirt bikes and off-road riding. That's what I grew up with. Not sure how many dirt bikers are out there on this forum.

Cheers everyone ride safe and just enjoy yourselves - my 0.02.

One up side if that at least these types of people are supporting the motorcycle industry. Otherwise there would probably be a more limited selection of bikes, gear, etc.

(switch backs start about 4 minutes or so)
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