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Originally Posted by MrClean335i View Post
What are your thoughts? Any of you guys interested. I am thinking of switching my car for it.

Here is a review I thought I should share. Its a pre facelift RS5 but still a good review. The car is supposedly quicker than the M3 due to better traction.

The issue with be very limited allocation. Most of the dealer ordered RS5's have an MSRP of (roughly) $80k. The sweet spot is $75k which includes base, nav and sports exhaust. With equipment level being the same, I suspect an M3 would be $6-5k less. This number would vary depending on incentives and/or ED delivery.

The RS5 is a compelling choice. A bit more exclusive compared to an M3 or even C63. For some, the combination of AWD and DSG (DCT in BMW speak) would be enough to say "no thanks". However, IMO, the styling both inside and out is very modern and appealing.

With all of this said I have already committed to an order for a MY13 M3 coupe. This one hit all of my "buttons", including performance, engine & exhaust sound, styling and content.

Last point. It will be very difficult to find an RS5 to test drive. There are enough M3's and C63's used or new to see which one is right for you. The RS5 would be more of a "see it" and "got of have it" decision.

Good luck with deciding.