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Originally Posted by hpc3 View Post
It comes with about everything people want other than Nav. Add that and you're looking at $73K sticker. My M3 is $72K sticker as a manual ZCP. They are right on top of each other.

The RS5 is more of a GT car I think... I waited on their release to see if they were going to have a 6sp option and ordered the M3 a couple of days after finding out the US gets DSG only. I'm no fan of Audis 4.2L either but having owned 6 Audis over the past 15yrs I wanted to make sure I at least considered one.

Also I'll tell you its a much bigger car in feel having come from an '11 S4 myself. Audi has taken the B8/B9 platform up 1/2 a notch like BMW has on the F3X so if you like the smaller car size you may be disappointed as I was with mine.
If you are no fan of the Audi 4.2L, then you won't like the M3 motor either. I came from an RS4. I absolutely loved the engine and how it revved. The M3 motor is the same in overall feel. That's one of the things I love about the M3. If you are speaking to the lesser Audi 4.2 motor, it is definitely a different experience, however.

The issue with the RS5 is not the motor, it is the steering feel which is much more detached than it was on the RS4. Not certain why this is. Neither one compares to the M3. Still, I'm willing to bet that most drivers could probably take one around a track faster than an M3 due to the AWD traction. M3 is the more fierce beast, but it is harder to tame also.
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