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Originally Posted by jaiman View Post
I think it would be hard to say that a country with socialized medicine (that even the right wing party won't touch), legal gay marriage, few restrictions on abortions and fairly restrictive gun laws (especially compared to the US) is drifting to the right.
And this is also precisely why our government is not the disaster that our US friends are dealing with. See my comments below.

Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
Your remarks then suggest that Canadian interpretations of labels such as "conservative" and "liberal" dont convert directly to American equivalents.

Balancing a budget with severe spending cuts sounds like a sound economic idea to me, doesn't sound like something a person with liberal or left ideologies would be very happy about.

Actions > Labels IMHO. Frankly, the semantics of the name doesnt matter to me, you can call your party the crazy bastards, but if you make smart economic choices such as cutting spending, and lowering corporate tax rates, you got my support over someone who wants to raise taxes and jack up the spending.
We were actually having this discussioin in the "Off-topic" forum in respect to the gun massacre in Aurora. It diverted from the discussion on gun control into how the US can get out of the tailspin it appears to be in.

There are two main problems imho. One, the US bipartisan system has sunk to the point where it is simply a "one way or the other" decision making process that has little regard for what is best for the country and it's citizens as a whole.

That is where our country's government differs the most. While we have some heated political debates up here as well, the fact of the matter is that the parties are not actually that different. Throw in the "subsidiary" parties that help keep the Libs and PC's on task and our system seems to work.

The second problem is more to do with the psychology of American society. The sense of entitlement and arrogance needs to change. (And this is not to suggest every American is this way, but the reality is this is the perception the majority of the world has). This was the main discussion in the gun control thread. Banning guns without a cultural mindset shift will not change things for the better.

Combine a government that actually makes decisions based on what's best for society and it's citizens, not simply what is in opposition to the other party, with a societal attitude adjustment that works together for a more successful, healthier, and safer USA and there may be light at the end of the tunnel.