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Originally Posted by Digital.James View Post
bottom line, I think both of us can agree that ALL sport bikes aren't really street bikes. they're meant for the track, period. 90% (number pulled out of my arse) of guys who ride sport bikes on the street have never smelled a whiff of competitive track riding.


I guess I just get annoyed right off the bat when someone says that.

Case and point. There is a girl stationed here with me, who used to have a Ninja ZX6. She is the kind that loves the attention of being a girl on a sport bike. The kind that rides around in 3 inch heel knee high boots, and makes sure to always be coordinating. She also always had a chip on her shoulder and bragged that she was a really good rider and used to ride a Hayabusa and bla bla blah.

Well she sold the 600 and bought a 1k. I asked her why and she said she was tired of not being able to keep up with everyone else. I told her that I ride a 600 and don't have a problem keeping up, and she didn't like that. But anyways, we FINALLY got her out to the track. It was the scariest shit ever watching her on board video. This girl had no idea what she was doing, and obviously had no idea how to ride. She was getting passed by 500s on the straight aways, wasn't rev matching down shifts, and ended up crashing on the second day.

Bottom line was she got a 1k cause everyone else had one and she wanted to be badass, but she had no business on one.

I just deal with too much of the typical Busa/1k who think they are gods gift to riding. I always tell them to come out to the track and see who's faster but they always have plenty of excuses lol.