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Originally Posted by .b0link View Post
To each their own man.

Nothing personal against litre bikes at all, just feel that they are overkill on the street (for most people).

Too many idiots who shouldn't be on one, let alone any motorcycle. Sorta why I stopped riding street, seems like one massive dong measuring competition in the sport bike crowd.
bottom line, I think both of us can agree that ALL sport bikes aren't really street bikes. they're meant for the track, period. 90% (number pulled out of my arse) of guys who ride sport bikes on the street have never smelled a whiff of competitive track riding. but I do believe for the EXPERIENCED rider, the power band of a liter bike will translate into better usability on the street

BTW, I don't ride either. I'm done riding sport bikes, nor do I track anymore. I've found that the simpler the bike, the happier I am these days.