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Definitely looks like an active, interesting layout...and fresh pavement is always nice. That downhill right-left looks like it would be a blast balls out.

That Duc sounds like sex I love the sounds of a twin.

Blind turns, once your learn the track and figure out your brake and turn in markers, are so much fun. Its mind over matter mainly, that your going to turn it, but theres nothing there yet, then when you clip that apex and hammer the throttle out....awesome.

If you haven't gotten any one on one with instructors I highly recommend it. Usually they have coaches available for not much (sorry if I'm telling you stuff you already know).

I personally have done track time with Neil Hodgson, at my last track day as a matter of fact. Getting towed behind him was unreal. I had NO idea I could take the corners as fast as we were going. I shaved about 10 seconds off my best time at that track by the end of the weekend, and my riding style and position was night and day from where it was. Not sure if I posted this in this thread already (sorry if I have) but here is me on a local track called Almeria. Im going to miss the tracks out here for sure, but Im def ready to get back to the US.