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Pinging noise? (non M3 related)

First I apologize in advance for posting a thread that does not concern M3 in M3 section but I really didn't know where else to go and this section draws a lot of traffic so I was hoping someone could help...

My gf has a 03 325i and she raised a concern about an unusual noise. Over 55mph under load, there is a slight vibration noise... the way she describes it is kind of a dinging cup vibrating sound...
It goes away when she takes the foot off the gas and comes back when she steps on the gas again. I really don't notice it when I drive it but she definitely hears it. I suspect it's pinging.

Now... she's been putting 87octane the whole life of the car, so obviously I think refueling with higher octane and seeing if that makes any difference would be the first thing to do... but if it's not the fuel, what could it be? timing? spark plugs? what would be the next step in correcting this? should she be concerned? again it's very very slight noise... I really don't hear it but she does. Any information regarding the topic would be much appreciated.