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Originally Posted by Kayani_1 View Post
I am not so sure if the margin is as easy as you are making it out to be. Sure the GT3 4.0 is faster and a lots of fun raw car. I can understand why
GT3 4.0 won. It has more power over GTS and a bit lighter also.

However, reading this review as well as others. One can clearly understand that the M3 GTS is no joke in that department and the gap is not huge but rather more incremental.

Infact as you read this article you get the idea that M3 GTS seems to be great fun and handles even more predictable then the GT3 4.0. On the other hand you have to have some faith with GT3 4.0 the M3 GTS is more predicatable and easier to push to the limit. In the GT3 4.0 you still have to have faith in P engineers and their ability to over come the huge engine hanging in the back that is ready to bite you if you mess up.

As far as sound goes I have heard by all accounts that M3 GTS sounds awesome.

I would take the exotic F1 sounding small 4.0 liter high revving V8 (based off a high revving V10) over the 4.0 liter flat 6 to be honest when it comes down to sound.

Also big bore 6.2 liter V8 muscle car sound of C63 black series is great. But it is more like a Corvette sounding muscle car then M3 GTS which to me sounds more in league with high revving Ferrari.

Anyways sound is subjective but to my ears the high revving, high pitched sound is more fun then a bit more Coarse flat 6 or deep bellow of big bore muscle car sound.

I think take a few more pounds off the GTS M3, give it the same 500hp, and wider 300 section width rear tires like the GT3 4.0 and watch its lap times climb as high or higher then the GT3 4.0.

None the less good win for P car and great showing by M3 and even Lotus. I would love to be so lucky as to own any one of these cars. But if it was my money the ultimate M3 GTS with few extra mods would be parked in my garage.

Well said.

Reading through the whole review I got a sence that the GTS was summed up pretty special and up high along with the 4.0RS.