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Here is a list of Individual colors that were used on the E90/E92/E93 M3s and are not listed in the first post. This list does not include facelifted coupes and convertibles as they are still in production.

The list is in the following format

Color Name (Color Code) - (Production Code)

Atacama Yellow (B21) - (PM93, PM92)
Black Blue (W32) - (PM93)
Blue Onyx Metallic (S11) - (PM91, WD91, WD92, WL91, WL92)
Blue Water Metallic (896) - (PM93)
Brass Metallic (621) - (WD92)
Carbon Black Metallic (416) - (PM91)
Citrine Black Metallic (X02) - (PM92)
Deep Green Metallic (A43) - (WL93)
Diamond Metallic (A10) - (WD92)
Diopside Black Metallic (S44) - (PM91, PM92, WD91, WL91, WL92)
Fire Orange 2 (U94) - (PM93)
Frozen Silver Metallic (W07) - (PM92) - not to be confused with the M3 CRT's Frozen Polar Silver Metallic (W73)
Imola Red 2 (405) - (WL91)
Indianapolis Red Metallic (A31) - (WD93)
Macadamia Metallic (U80) - (PM91)
Malachite Green Dark Metallic (S10) - (WD92)
Michigan Blue Metallic (A38) - (WD91)
(Mid)night Blue Metallic (453) - (WD92, WL92)
Mineral Silver Metallic (A14) - (WD92)
Mistral Blue Metallic (U85) - (WD92)
Montego Blue Metallic (A51) - (WL93)
Neptune Blue Metallic (A85) - (PM93)
Orient Blue Metallic (317) - (WD91)
Oxford Green 2 Metallic (430) - (WD92)
Petrol Mica Metallic (305) - (WD92, WL92)
Pure Blue (W87) - (PM91)
Quartz Blue Metallic (A18) - (WD92)
Sepang Bronze Metallic (A32) - (PM93, WD93, PM91)
Sophisto Grey Brilliant Effect Metallic (A90) - (WL91)
Speed Yellow (U96) - (PM91)
Stratus Grey Metallic (440) - (PM92, WD92)
Valencia Orange Metallic (B44) - (PM91)

Production Codes:

VA93=M3 Sedan - North America
PM93=M3 Sedan LCI - North America
VA91=M3 Sedan - ECE
VA92=M3 Sedan - RHD
PM91=M3 Sedan LCI - ECE
PM92=M3 Sedan LCI - RHD
WD91=M3 Coupe - ECE
WD92=M3 Coupe - RHD
WD93=M3 Coupe - North America
WL91=M3 Convertible - ECE
WL92=M3 Convertible - RHD
WL93=M3 Convertible - North America

Hope this helps in locating some of the missing cars.