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Originally Posted by roastbeef View Post

the 'ol two $5's and a $10 trick is simply leveraging. i can think of a lot of other situations where if i felt like i was being leveraged, i would tell the person to hump a beehive. i don't see how servers are any different when they are trying to guilt money out of my pockets.

Originally Posted by Rotorocious View Post
I don't carry cash, problem solved.
Plus you get to write and draw all of the receipts!
Same here, just write in the exact tip.

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I am not against tipping but these days the way tipping is going it is becoming like a tax to where it is not an option but part of the bill on each when one goes out to eat. Tipping should remain an option by each individual to choose on whether or not they should tip. I don't mind tipping but what I do think many people out there do mind is it being forced upon them like a tax of some sort.
A sense of entitlement.

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Kinda shocked at some of the cheap asses in here that drive BMW's... Then again, I guess I shouldn't be...
I do not think OP is cheap. If he was, he could have dropped the 20 and walked.