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Toyobaru with a turbo and front mounted intercooler running only 4 PSI in a stock engine with stock exhaust and CATs gives the car a 54.5 hp boost over its stock 161 whp (200 hp at the crank - baseline hp/tq for a stock on same dyno: 161WHP/136WTQ):

Peak wheel HP: 213 @ 7600 rpm
Peak wheel Torque: 160 @ 6500 rpm (151 lb-ft at the crank stock)

If we consider that there is a [(1- 136/151) x 100 ] = 10% loss in power from the engine to the wheels (which is a bit optimistic to say the least) it gives,

1.10 x 160 = 176 lb-ft at the crank

Not quite the 201 lb-ft value I am hoping for from Subaru and Toyota but that's a step... don't care about horsepower gains.

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