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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
We can't compare Motorsport to Road..
Exactly! High revving engines belong to the track.

Originally Posted by Levi View Post
I don't the the N54 has any advantage over a Porsche 3.4l H6.
There's NO doubt whatsoever in my mind that the 1M's N54 is miles better than the 9A1 3.4L H6 for the road use... needless to say, the reason being the massive torque advantage right from the low end.

Now, here's the thing... even at the track the 1M's N54 still is superior simply because its torque advantage over the 9A1 3.4L is so HUGE (even if you consider the 330 hp version of the Cayman R) that neither the +400 rpm redline and the R's lower weight can possibly overcome it in sheer acceleration with the manual gear box.

You should try both engines... then, see for yourself!

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