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Originally Posted by muskamatt View Post
What kind of tires?

And how on earth could you avoid limp mode? I've only tracked streets so maybe big willow is a lower RPM type track?
I have Michelin PSS. Amazing tires.

Regarding limp - just the opposite. Big Willow is a much faster track than Streets of Willow so good airflow which prevents limp (definitely a high RPM track). Also, I'm running meth which allows me to run 18-19psi of boost AND it cools the intake charge dramatically so my oil temps never budge above 250. Big Willow and meth 335's were made for each other! On the back straight after turn 9, I have reeled-in cars that dyno in the 500-600 WHP range at sea level (probably has to do with the high DA's and the fact that the 335 is a turbo which is less affected by DA's than NA or even pulley-driven supercharged cars).
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