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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Dude, you're being a super dick, and making all these totally unfounded remarks about people you don't know from Adam. Combine that with the rage you're displaying, and the way you've suddenly been shot out of a cannon with the dozen threads you've started, and I can only conclude that something's gone totally amiss in your life.

Don't you realize that those of us who are democrat-leaning and who like Obama are never going to be swayed by your vitriol? Rather, you're causing the opposite effect, because whenever I think of a rational, reasonable, fiscal conservative free market type, I think of you and my feelings turn to hate.
Obama created the council, he can do whatever the f-k he wants to do with it, it's not in the constitution. If you would just read a normal news article, you'd see that the business leaders don't want to meet with the council because of the election partisanship issues. Just chill out.

Not once, no matter how much I disagree with someone, or how silly or irrational they are being, do I feel hatred towards them. People may be misguided, and may even attack me verbally, but I still don't use that word to describe my feelings towards them.

I'm sorry, but if you start hating people because of what they say on an internet forum, perhaps you need to take a step back and ignore them. You have to understand that people will be armchair quarterbacks and talk on a website in a way which they would likely NEVER address someone in real life. The fact that they are more or less anonymous makes it so much easier to be a jackass.

I agree with your first point, and maybe it's true and something bad has happened and he is venting his frustrations here. But is that a reason to hate an individual? I don't think so... I know, totally off topic, but I just found it particularly odd that you get "hateful" when you think of the OP...
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