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Originally Posted by AlpineCloud9 View Post
Thanks for all the response. But gezz, some of you guys feel pretty strong about this topic, but hey, that's why I asked the questions here.

A new Yamaha FZ6 or the Kawasaki Ninja 650 are excellent beginner bike from all the research that I have done, but at more than $7K OTD, I think I might be better off getting a used BMW, especially since the beamer has ABS.

The brakes on my car have probably saved me from a crash half a dozen times, so I will take a motorcycle with good brakes over anything.
Feel strongly because most of us have made that mistake and lived to tell about it. I am in the military and I see it way too often. Big egos, big confidence, go out and buy something they have no business riding and kill themselves.

Me personally... you sound exactly like I did. I ignored everything my experience buddies told me. AT LEAST I got a 650r (which, at times, was still too much bike for me) but my dumbass went and bought one brand new, and financed it to boot...well 6 months later I got cut off while going through an intersection, and then he slammed his brakes on. I locked up the brakes and next thing I new I was flying through the air and then watched my bike do cartwheels over the median. Luckily I walked away with barely a scratch. But that was when It made sense and I suddenly regretted buying a brand new bike. Now I just let everyone else take that massive hit in depreciation and pick up bikes that are 2 years old with under 2k miles for 4k dollars less.

Like that article I posted said, your first bike is never your last. SV650s and 650Rs go used for dirt cheap, and will retain most of what you paid for them. I know people who have learned on 650s and then actually made money selling them a year later even.

I often get junior enlisted guys coming to me for bike advice...and I always tell them, buy used, stay away from 4 cylinders and anything over 700ccs, and NEVER spend more than 3-4k on your first bike.

Now I hate feeling like Im preaching...but most people I talk to dont really have the money to be spending 7 or 8k on brand new bikes. I mean, if money is no concern than do what you want by all means, but my other advice stands. However if you are deadset on one of those models...

Ducati- 796. Twins deliver predictable, even power, but thats not to say they are gentle in their delivery. Grabbing a fist full of throttle can be more dangerous on a Twin than a 4cyl (depending where your RPMS are at). This bike will have no problem with getting the front end to lift up on you or breaking traction in the rear. I say no.

Street Triple- HELL NO. These bikes are in no way even remotely to be considered a beginner friendly bike. They are wicked awesome machines for sure, but for someone with a little more experience under their belt. For comparisons has nearly 20 more HP than the Ducati 796. Pleasssse stay away.

The BMW will be roughly just as powerful as the 796, and likely more expensive than the last remaining bike...the 696.

Even the 696 is not a docile bike by any means. The front can/will get light depending on how much you weigh. It will not be "slow" and will surely be fun on those back country roads. Ive always love the Trellis frame look on those bikes and the single side swing arm on the newer models is dead sexy.

Used Ducati Monsters don't seem to hold resale very well and can often be had a few years old for around 5k. My vote goes to the 696. And as an FYI, unless you are proficent with a wrench (and even if you are) none of these bikes are exactly cheap to maintain. Something to keep in mind.