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I don't get this at all. They did a motor trend test and the m3 in a drag race and around a track was virtually identical. Their quarter mile time was the same in the motor trend tests. This was a non-boss. But a stock dct m3 vs. a 5.0 mustang. No way is a modded 5.0 putting down 480 at the wheels! It probably had a blower. Its still a NA car-no "chip" is going to do shit and an exhaust/intake-maybe good for 20hp. These things put down 330-360 whp stock so at most 380-390 the 5.0. Plus it is heavier than you and you put down 500 whp with an ess. Something was Way off

Stock for stock the RWHP of a 5.0 and M3 is about the same with the 5.0 having a slight edge. However, the 5.0 takes to mods much better than the M3. So a FBO M3 will have ~380-390 RWHP while a FBO 5.0 will have 440-450 RWHP. Ford leaves a lot on the table with that 5.0 motor.
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