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Do you have any riding experience at all... or just from the MSF Class? I grew up on dirt bikes so when I got my first street bike it wasn't that big a deal... aside from the difference in weight for the bikes. Being an attentive driver is a good trait to have when moving to motorcycles... but they aren't analogs of each other in terms of experience.

If you're a fairly competent rider I wouldn't get a 250cc. They also seem like they could be dangerous on the street / highway - or may that shows my lack of time with riding 250 street bikes.

Anyway, I certainly wouldn't get a new bike at least. Get something used.

Aside from learning to ride... everyone makes mistakes with dropping bikes in their garage, parking, etc. Even my pops who has been riding bikes for 50+ years has had a brain fart or slipped and dropped the bike in his garage... it happens. Probably more prone to those types of mistakes though when you're starting out and parking in difference situations, etc.

the F800 looks weird to me (probably personal taste) - I never liked the weird gas tank thing. Never ridden one though.

Figure out what type of riding you plan on doing and try to find a good bike that fits you. Most bikes hold their values decently well... so if you buy a bike this year and end up trading to something else next year it's not that big of a deal.

Good luck and wear proper gear.
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