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Originally Posted by aus View Post
So why can't anyone explain to me why Porsche can bring VERY limited edition cars like the GT3-RS, GT2-RS, GT3-RS 4.0 (super rare), here and make money? They even have very limited cars like the Cayman R, Boxster Spyder here with different engines than the stock engines?

That is the $150k question.

BMW doesn't think it can sell cars in that price bracket, and they are probably right. They would get to that price because of the stroker, if they had just tweaked the standard engine they would have been fine.

If you remove the special engine from the equation, like Porsche did with the Spyder and Cayman R, the price is not too outrageous. BMW should have done just that.

Of course in BMWs case it's complicated by the fact that they would need to remove a LOT of weight to make it memorable, which is not the case with Porsche.

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