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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Why? See my post above. I ran the 451 RWHP 5.0 with my 335i with only a DCI, tune, meth and dps which at the time made only 16 psi and around 400 RWHP but still managed to creep slowly on the 5.0.

The density altitude was high that day (around 80 degrees at Big Willow which is 2,300 ft above sea level) so the turbos certainly helped me on this run.
I was really close to pulling the trigger on a 5.0/BOSS but upon reading on their Chinese made manual transmission with lots of horrible stories I looked elsewhere. Lots of owners complain of broken transmissions and AFAIK there isn't a solution from Ford yet, hopefully somebody can prove me wrong.

It really is too bad as at the time I was massively itching for a v8 RWD manual coupe that is affordable and can be easily modified. The Coyote engine is awesome but without a reliable transmission to put that power to the ground (and auto wasn't an option for me) it was a major deal breaker.