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Originally Posted by jjw2331 View Post
Hello Do It Yourselfers!

I decided to change my transmission oil at 15K. I plan on keeping this car for a very long time and changing the transmission oil often can't hurt.

***It's important to note, this method of fluid change does not remove all of the transmission oil since some oil is left in the transmission cooler. This residual oil needs to be pumped out (currently figuring out a way)
no way unless u bring it to BMW, the DIS tester cost 1.5k+ and thats the cheapest and not even sure that tester will work... Also i spoke to several SA and other 3rd party mechanic said that the oil in the cooler and lines are not enough to worry about if u are able to put almost 2.2liter then u are good

Good thing u did this i was putting mine off and was going to do this myself thanks this sure will make mine easy this weekend.

FYI dealer will replace your tranny oil at 30k miles and the next will be at 100k im changing mine now