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BMW M3 DTMs Compete in 1-on-1 Stadium Race

Video: BMW M3 DTMs Compete in 1-on-1 Stadium Race

At the halfway point of this season's DTM schedule, the race series put on an exhibition stadium race at the Munich Olympic Park Stadium. So what is a stadium race?

It's a non-points showcase race event in the famous 1972 Olympic stadium where two DTM cars are placed on separate, but identical tracks, and race for the fastest finish time, similar to the Race of Champions concept. The faster car advances to the next round while the slower car is eliminated, until a final winner emerges.

BMW's Bruno Spengler (CA) proved that he is right at home on the tight, winding circuit in the Olympic Stadium: the BMW Team Schnitzer driver finished third in last Sunday’s individual competition. Last year’s winner, this time at the wheel of his BMW Bank M3 DTM, came up against Jamie Green (GB) in the semi-final and led until just before the end of the race, when he locked his wheels and allowed the Mercedes driver to snatch victory.

With the Show Event in the Olympic Stadium over, the BMW teams now have a short summer break before they return to action at the Nürburgring (DE) on 19th August, when points will once again be up for grabs in the drivers’, team and manufacturers’ competitions.

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