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Originally Posted by Vanity
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USD index fell through it's support at 83 what do you guys think small rally coming in the next two days?
When USD broke 83 last week it didn't look as strong as it should have. Correcting down now, this should give a bit of a boost to markets but USD has some solid support coming up being in the 81-82 region.

These days I'm just day trading in and out for a couple thousands here and there, it adds up for the whole month. I'm just waiting for more strong technicals to scream buy or scream sell. Just going to hop in and out with tight stop losses to capitalize those premiums instead of losing anything. Sam what do you normally trade? I'm a volatility VIX-orientated trader. If you're looking into this stuff we can discuss more on PM and I can give you some headers.
Sounds good, I mostly trade the financial sectors using options. After my last loss, I'm going back to my old strategy, which has always worked for me flawlessly. I just wait for a good technical setup on 1,5, and 15min chart, than buy approx. 200 contracts, put or call, make 4-5 cents on my option and get out. Results in a 600-800 profit a day including commissions. Honestly IMO day trading is the way to go in this market, to unpredictable right now for more than one day trades. I've been really interested in the VIX market, but dont really know enough about that sector.

The vix market is defiantly a very profitable sector If mastered. But, I feel it will decapitate someone not following it for long enough (me).
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