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Little update on the repair.

I live 5 minutes from Detailer's Domain, an amazing dedicated detail shop that many of us and other forums know.
Wanted to detail my car, but first had to fix up small dents and scratches around the right rear door/fender.

Wanted to look for a shop LOCALLY because I wanted to drop a car and pick it up locally. I see a lot of great cars around, including all ranges of M3s locally, but couldn't get any recommendation of good body shop.

Tried this place in Northvale, NJ, they did a great work on the bumper.

Fender scratch with dent by the door

Clear coat off at the edge of rear bumper

They reainted the whole rear bumper, matches paint perfect.

great job on dent + repaint of the fender

If you are around this area, totally recommend this body shop. Look for Zoltan!