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DIY: 6MT Transmission Oil Change

Hello Do It Yourselfers!

I decided to change my transmission oil at 15K. I plan on keeping this car for a very long time and changing the transmission oil often can't hurt.

***It's important to note, this method of fluid change does not remove all of the transmission oil since some oil is left in the transmission cooler. This residual oil needs to be pumped out (currently figuring out a way).


Tools you'll need:
Socket wrench with extension
8mm socket
10mm socket
22mm socket (6 pt.)
8mm Hex Bit (edited from 9mm)
Torque Wrench
Fluid Pump with hose (or make your own, see pictures)
Oil pan
Jacks and jack stands

Parts you need:

MTF-LT-2 Transmission Fluid SAE 75W-80 (5 liter bottle = part#:83220309031)
(You only need about 2.5L. My dealer does not sell in smaller amounts. They offer to fill a bottle for you if you bring it on your own.)
2 x Screw Plug with Gasket Ring (part#: 23117531356)
1 x Oil Strainer Gasket Ring (part#: 07119963300)
Optional/If Needed = 1 x Oil Strainer (part#: 17212283111) (Read whole DIY first)

1. Put the car on the ramps and jack the rear until the car is level. Use jack stands.

2. Remove transmission cover

These three bolts are 8mm

8mm bolts one on each side

10mm bolts one on each side

10mm bolts one on each side

3. Locate drain, fill, and oil strainer bolts.

Drain Bolt

Fill Bolt

Oil Strainer Bolt

4. Use 8mm Hex bit to remove fill bolt (must do first)

5. Use 8mm Hex bit to remove drain bolt (make sure oil pan is underneath the transmission)

6. After oil has drained, remove oil strainer with 22mm socket and inspect. (Mine looked fine upon inspection, but if dirty, replace.)

Do not forget to replace gasket ring when reinstalling oil strainer or when using a new one. (red arrow)

7. Using a new screw plug with gasket ring, close the drain hole. Tighten to 25.81 lb/ft = 35 Nm with torque wrench.

8. Put in the oil strainer with a new gasket ring and tighten to 18.44 lb/ft = 25 Nm with torque wrench

9. Fill transmission with MTF-LT-2 fluid through the fill hole.

I made my own pump bottle using a spray bottle and 3 feet of 5/16" vinyl/polyethylene tubing from Lowes(Lowes part# for tubing: 22272). It cost $4 all together.

10. Keep filling until the fluid overflows from the fill hole.

11. Once it stops draining, use the second screw plug with gasket and tighten 25.81 lb/ft = 35 Nm.

Updated steps:

12. Lower the car and drive it to get the temperature up in the transmission to activate the pump (this is to make sure the trans oil pump is full).

13. Let the car cool a bit. Raise the car up again and open the fill plug and check oil level. Add oil if needed.

14. Tighten fill plug to to 25.81 lb/ft = 35 Nm with torque wrench.

15. Wipe down and check for leaks.

16. Put the transmission cover back on with screws. Lower the car.

Change the transmission oil every 30K miles.

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