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Originally Posted by admranger View Post
I never liked the 888's, even though they have the identical compound rubber as the NT01s. The carcass of the NT01 is so much sweeter for a track tire.

I'd schlep the wheels/tires to the 'ring if you can store them safely once you get there. I can't imagine driving on the autobahn in the rain on NT01s. Especially worn NT01s.

If it were me, I'd get some extreme performance street tires (Dunlops for excellent performance and favorable price point...?) on the stock wheels and call it good. Pull the alignment pins out and push your struts in all the way at the top for better negative camber, and by a happy coincidence, reduced toe-in up front.

If you are running 8:10's, then Angst Kurve must be a real pucker. The fox hole must be ridiculous too, especially if you are running stock brake pads. Yikes!
NT01 are RA1 compound. R888 are unique.