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Originally Posted by graider View Post
nice read, but i'm a bit confused by your review OP, especially the last part about soul and then you love both gtr and m3. LOL

with that said, the newer 2012/2013 GTR are reported to be much more involving to drive and have more soul than older model year. Nissan upgraded them extensively in the feel department.

anyway, the only reason why I cannot buy the GTR is the rear seat. why can't nissan or porche make the rear seats of the GTR/911 turbo better. i can't fit sh1t back their. don't they realize most people who can afford these cars have children too. urg......

wouldn't it be cool to fit wife, and two/three kids in the GTR and smoke 99.99% of car out there and arrive at the restaurant in style?
my wife, daughter and dog all fit in mine just fine
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