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Originally Posted by AV9 View Post
the title of this thread made me lol...

but seriously, i hope this issue gets resolved for you, i've been in contact with them for several parts, so it'd be good to see what the outcome of your situation is.
Will update this thread accordingly so check back.

Originally Posted by hova00 View Post
I told you their customer service skills suck but you jumped on my thread defending them now you see why i made the thread.

Thank god i didnt actually buy anything from them and had to deal with them after the sale.

Good luck with getting your car straightened out and hopefully PYSpeed should return your money and pay for shipping. Its not your fault that the product wasnt up to par on this particular occasion.

PYSpeed- Why come up with lame excuses instead of saying no problem ship it back we will get you another one.
I was waiting for you to get in on this. Now I agree though, after sale is such a headache. At the time though it was my duty to defend a company which I thought would take care of me, guess that is not the case now! What company did you decide to order through?

Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
Thanks for the compliment! His response is BS. At the very least, the hood is too low, not too high. Good luck man! Hopefully it works out for you.
Thanks brother! Me too and you are welcome.

Originally Posted by TopSpeedM3 View Post
Wow... I am sorry that looks horrible. The fitment is ebay at best (for lack of better words).

I have one of the early akrym motorsport splitters on my car and it fits decent. Not factory, but better then most aftermarket lips.

That being said its a tough market and maybe they are using a new source to build their parts.

Best of luck, and FWIW I would be returning that.
Supply and demand is something these guys needs to learn about. Even if the market is tough, I'm sure there is a huge market, myself included, for people that are willing to pay a few hundred more dollars to get that 100% fitment. A stock hood + paint was running me $900 CAD more than this, would I have put $4/500 CAD more into this? If fitment was GUARANTEED then hell yea. Sadly, fitment was guaranteed but it just did not happen.

Originally Posted by Jaypod View Post
I would definitely return the hood (and the tow hook for that matter).
I am still on the fence about the tow hook.. Don't hate me for it.

Originally Posted by tma1c View Post
you can adjust different things to make it look a lot better. Get a refund if you are expecting perfect fitment as you will never get it with cf hoods. thats a fact.
I will get back to you on this. Arkym hoods actually fit very well. Shame about this one in particular.

Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
Well this hood was definitely OEM fitment. Best I have ever seen.
Am I right in believing CWest and Vorsteiner make parts together? Regardless I have seen CWest products and they are straight money, especially on the E46M's.


Last exchange between Bobby and I.


There is a huge trust issue as this product is $2000 plus all the shipping charges that Pyspeed has to pay before Arkym ships. We have been burned more than enough times with the customers not sending the "defective" product back. You can understand our plight.
How about this can you pay $1000 and we will rush a new one out to you. Once Arkym receives the 'defective" one they will inspect it and if found to be defective then you will be reimbursed the shipping to them and the $1000. If the hood is found not to be defective then we will only reimburse the $1000 minus the shipping charge to you.

Does this sound fair?


Why should I go more out of pocket to cover a mistake that was created by vendor and product maker? To be honest I am standing my ground, past customers and your experience are not something I should suffer for. I am well known on the forums, internationally and nationally, I have no issues with sending the hood back but not until I receive a new one. Also, I can send you 100 pictures to show you the condition of the hood that isn't the issue. I know there is nothing wrong with it besides horrendous fitment issues and right now my word is stronger than yours and Arkym's. I will be posting these 2 messages on the forums, I would appreciate open replies so the community can see whether or not you are trying to help above and beyond the norm, and so that as a single person people can see I have nothing to hide. Words are binding, something you guys should learn, not for my benefit but for yours if there was ever a time you would have to go against me because I did not follow through on my end.

I look forward to your reply on the forums.

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