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Originally Posted by sin911 View Post
Guys, I'd like to give you an update.

We handled everything with Evan via PM and I received a new muffler. I really appreciate how they handled the situation. Tischer sent the new muffler via overnight and even paid for the return of the damaged one! Wow, talk about making it right! Tischer definitely pulled through, and I can now see why people swear by them

The new one had padding everywhere packaged so tight like a rock! You could even drop it from the second floor (not that much, I'm exaggerating). The first one was really fragile, the whole content inside the box was shaking while carrying.

There was a problem with the e-mail. The confirmation e-mail that I received and replied to turns out was sent from another automated e-mail address. So the one I sent was sent to god knows where

I'm really happy right now Now, I have to keep waiting for the car to come in so I can install it.
You should really update your thread title.

Honestly, I find your situation to be unsympathetic, especially since you didn't even have the car. Sounds like part of the "lack of communication" issue was to be blamed on you, directly.

It's nice to hear that Tischer overnighted an exhaust to you (cripes, I can believe it was $500), but all this did was needless eat into their bottom line. I appreciate good prices and service, and when money gets blown on stuff like this, everyone loses. Well, except the company that got the overnight business