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Originally Posted by 335i4u2nv View Post
gto can be fast. my friend has one thats all motor that runs high 11's all day and another friend has a turbo gto that runs low 11's on pump gas pretty consistent. but in the end there all just cheap GM's.
Actually they're not "just cheap GMs." The GTOs were designed, and manufactured by Holden Motorsports out of Australia for Pontiac. Holden is a subsidary co. owned by GM. The only involvement GM had on this product was the body panels they changed over to make it a "Pontiac." And the LS2 engine.....which no one with half a brain will have ANYTHING bad to say about. Notice how the interior, fit and finish, and use of materials is FAR better than anything else out right now by GM?? It's cuz GM didn't design it.