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Question 245/35 + 275/35 or 255/35 + 285/30 in 19's?

Hey guys

I've been checking out Bimmerpost/M3Post for about two years now but this is the first time actually creating an account/posting.

This is going to be a rather lengthy post but please bear with me as I really need the advice. I live in South Africa and finding tires is such a pain, especially ones that fit the M3 and my wallet :P

Anyway I've driven just close to 40000km (nearly 25000miles) on the OEM PS2's and the rears have run down to the indicators... so yeah... I reckon I need new tires haha. Yes I'm new here and this is my first post so don't lambast me about not hitting up the button please. I've done my research on here but I just can't find anything that helps.

I'm running a stock setup on the 19" 220 style wheels. I've researched that 255/35 and 275/35 are optimum but after visiting 5 tire places and making numerous calls, no one actually has these sizes that are matching. Even Michelin SA claim that they don't bring the PSS, which is what I've been focusing on after reading the reviews on here, in those sizes or even the stock 245/35 + 265/35.

So right now I'm left with either going back to 245/35 and 265/35 in PS2's which cost about R5500-6000 per tire (about $700) - ridiculous hey?

Or what I'm looking at now is either a PSS setup in 245/35 + 275/35 vs Pirelli P Zero's in 255/35 + 285/30.

Prices are pretty much the same for both these brands. - it's also about R5000/tire.

I've read that 275/30's don't work... but what are your thoughts on the 245/35 + 275/35 setup? - preferably from guys who may have tested this size.

Would the above mentioned be better or the 255/35 + 285/30 setup? I've researched on this with a lot of frustration - there is no other alternative () that I can do unless going back to stock 245 + 265.

Please guys, any help would be greatly appreciated.