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Penn State is so dumb, their culture is going to be what gets them hefty fines. This article helps explain some of the things that can be levied towards Penn State:

Some insight to the true Joe Paterno

In the end, I seriously hope the NCAA brings sanctions against them, harsh one's. I have been thinking of another possible outlook the NCAA should be looking at. I keep reading people saying this only hurts the current people and not those directly involved. The current state of Penn State is mentality that no outsider has the right to do anything they don't believe in; which is of course what helped the university get themselves into this mess.

Financially speaking, Penn State has reaped around $700 million of net profit during the time period that they have covered up this horrible incident(s). The NCAA has profit sharing for every school involved in college athletics because they are a not-for-profit organization. During the period in which the acts occured, Penn State was reaping financial benefits not only from the NCAA but the state of Pennsylvania themselves. The NCAA would have jurisdiction to do so since these funds were accrued during a criminal conspiracy directly correlating with the athletic department; more specific the football program. The money that is spread out among the conferences is made up of revenue from the bowl games, apparrel, etc.. The NCAA has direct oversight when it comes to ways universities are allowed to generate revenue from their sporting events. Maybe some people should look at the financial side of this as to why the university would cover up something like this..... because Penn State operates like a business where football is a very good revenue stream.