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I just did this using the ECS kit with 6 lines. The only hitch I found with the instructions was that the "remove headlight level sensor arm" instruction for the front came a little late. It is on the driver's side only (like the rear). Luckily I don't think I broke it, although the arm does have a bend in it. Hopefully the bend is stock. I think I would have broken the plastic lever holding the top of the arm instead of bending the arm.

The front and rear main lines are straightforward. Obviously make sure you feed the front lines between the swaybar link and the strut. If you don't pay attention like me on one of them, you may find the line outside the link and have to redo it. Clip them into place on the strut.

The pair of inner lines, described as optional, were a pain. I took a break and went back to tackle them later. I did get them, using a shorty 11 mm non flare wrench. They take a lot of patience, but are doable with the shorty 11 mm non flare wrench. I did not have one of those new ratcheting open end wrenches to try, but if they come in shorty, it is possible they could help.