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By your own admission it looks like your might be overweight? and should focus on getting healthy and lean first so when doing body weight based movements pullups, pushups etc you are lighter and there is less wear and tear on your already strained/damaged joints. Growing up I was super athletic and enjoyed all the benefits of being healthy. As I got older I let that slip and now have shoulder issues, forearm issues, knee issues, achilles tendon issues, all because

1. I was to big for my own good and was weightlifting to much without any real world purpose behind it besides getting big and strong. My old mindset was push more weight, get stronger where as now my mindset is more so what if i can deadlift 420lbs... id rather be able to deadlift 250lbs 20 times safely, controlled, strong and have no injuries and be healthy and feel good after)

2. once to big this caught up to me fast!!!! and I found myself frequently overtraining, this combined with also having a history of athsma my breathing was all fucked up as well. The results, I found i started having alot more injuries. I had to change my focus to being healthy (diet plus athletic focus workouts rather than just strength) and not just crazy strong and big.

3. I lost weight, i was around 245-250lbs and ended up getting to around 200 at 6'2

4. My joint pains which were actually debilitating for the most part went away which was HUGE for me, i went from doing around 50 pushups, 100 situps, 8-10 pullups with joint pain which would stop me, to doing over 100 pushups, 350+ situps, and around 40-50 pullups with no pain... all because i lost a shitload of useless weight and focused on functional strength, healthy eating. I could loose even more weight now ... maybe another 10 lbs as i have been lazy lately but overall i feel fast, lean, and healthy. I am comfortable where i am now and I can say my functional strength, cardio, and breathing, is hugly improved!!

A couple ass kicker workout challenges I have tried for fun after getting my base cardio levels back had been:

deadlift to burpee combos
deadlift 110% your body weight 5 reps
followed by 10 burpees (with pushup at bottom)
repeat as many times as possible ( as you tire make sure you really focus on doing proper deadlift form !!)

100 Burpee challenge
See how fast you can do 100 burpees with a pushup at the bottom. Alot of people do burpees down to plank/pushup position and dont do the pushup, well in this challenge do the pushup. You might want to puke, it might hurt a bit, but its worth it and a good challenge, give us your time at the end maybe we can start a forum challenge

Do HIIT, Crossfit, etc - good for fitness, and functional body weight workouts.

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