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Calling ALL Ms - Saturday, September 29th @ 8am. "M" Rally from West LA to Solvang!

Mark your calendar.. This time we're encouraging an overnight-er/weekend getaway!

We're planning our 3rd ///M Car Rally from West LA to Solvang, CA on Saturday, September 29th. All M3s (and 1Ms, M5s) welcome. Cruise, Lunch, Good Times... and this time an overnight stay! Thanks to Jimmy "GOLFFRR" we will have an entire floor of the casino parking lot and a section at the restaurant reserved!!!

START: Sept 29th @ 8am
The Home Depot
12975 West Jefferson Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90066 Meeting Point MAP

PCH ~ 101 N ~ 154 N ~ Mission Drive West
...because its a beautiful, no hold on, GORGEOUS ride!

END: 12 noon
Hotel Corque
400 Alisal Road
Solvang, California 93464


Jimmy has hooked us up with a group rate for a couple of their hotels. Please PM if you would like to book a room at either hotel

Option 1 - Hotel Corque - $250/night. This hotel is the closest one to downtown. This is a top notch hotel with fully upgraded amenities and an excellent restaurant! Here is the booking info: Call 1-800-624-5572. Identify yourself as being with the "BMW Group". Please make your reservation ASAP as the rooms will book up fast. You MUST make the reservation prior to September 7th in order to receive the group rate, however the longer you wait the less likely a room will be available.

Option 2 - Hadsten House - $229/night. This hotel has similar amenities to Option 1 however it is a little further outside of downtown; a few minutes walk.

Photo Op:
For any of you that are interested, Cliff is a professional photographer and is bringing his gear this weekend. He said he is offering special rates for those of you that want some pics of your cars. I am not pushing you to use his services as I don't push for anyone to use any services because this rally is not about that. However he approached me with the fact that he would be there so I thought I'd mention it if anyone is interested. I checked out his portfolio and he has some cool shots!

Here we go... LA CARAVAN:

1. Giggs
2. Supercar Ace
3. Fellfromdsky
4. Shmelgy
5. Mr. C + TheShoeMaster
6. Powerbeast
7. Tom @ eas
8. 2K12 BMW M3
9. M3Eddy
11. TheClozer
13. missOC 50/50
14. System Of A...
15. DukeM3
16. loflier
17. mesropb23
18. 600kris
19. Malek@MRF
20. glockperfect
21. eatrach73
22. M3PO
23. Bimmerboy888
24. Papethova
25. keikdasneak

2. jeskaM3
3. JZBE92

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