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Unless someone took it for a joyride through the desert along the way! I paid $2500 for shipment originating in Germany to Houston with inland delivery to Colorado Springs. Looks like it was the bottom row, last car...was off the truck when I arrived and the rest of the truck was still loaded. Assessment for repairs came in at a total of $4400 Insurance was made through USAA....

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Doesn't sound correct at all.

Did they drag your car or something? The positioning of the car really doesn't allow for your car to get peppered with rocks especially if higher up on the truck. I just saw 4 cars all that have been on a trailer for over 2000 miles and not one had any issues. What did you pay? Insurance with the company? Just doesn't sound right at all.

I had my show S2000 shipped uncovered for 3000 miles and only issue was a stolen oilcap. Bought a new one and a week later won first place at a car show.

And FYI the cost difference is only a few hundred dollars, if that. I just don't value the M3 like some of you guys. Just a temporary car really or a stepping stone to something better.

I wouldn't have even covered my $90000+ NSX back in the day. Just me though.