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Hey guys,

Thanks for all the kind words about the build. And Red Dot Racer, swing by man, it's been a while.

Regarding the 2 speed trans: Our torque curve is completely flat until about 4000 rpm. We are putting out just north of 700 lb/ft at the wheels, so we have plenty of low end torque, but to get a top speed in the 150mph range we needed the extra gear, and it allows us to have some bottom end with the low gear.

One interesting thing, we're using an E34 (big) diff case (thanks Rally Road) with 2.81 gears, so we have a pretty tall ratio in the back. With the stock 3.23 in the M, we were redlining at about 125mph.

Also, we're not doing this just to be green. We're doing it because it's all about the torque. I've never felt any car that produces MAX torque off the line, and holds it all the way up. It truly is like nothing else, even if it's expensive and heavy.

It's pretty clear once they improve the batteries (and they are), I can't imagine OEM's like BMW not offering this in a stock M chassis. Perhaps they will still pipe engine noises into the cabin.

Thanks again, the BMW community is truly one of the best, and we're stoked that we picked an E36 to do this project. Best decision ever.