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Design yes, small details that will be carried over from concept to production: no. I guaruntee that car is not going to be sporting 20+" rims. Chevy would never give the Camaro bigger rims than the vette...which is now sitting at 18/19 staggered. (Z06) Also, small things such as use of leather, stitching, the way all the guages will look and where they will actually be placed could be different in the production outfit. I really like the interior design, I just hope GM doesn't ditch it all in favor of some cheap plasic. It's about time they got their act together and started producing a car with a decent interior fit and finish wise.
The attention they gave to the new Vette and CTS gives me some hope.

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Where in FL are you?
I'm in Jax, you should visit when my car get's here.... umm yeah, but I need to get proceed 2 and Dps, then we can talk. In the meantime I'll be steering clear of the LSX cars.