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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
I noticed that few E92 M owners move up, or express a desire to move to the F12/F13 ///M or 650i (which is most certainly fast). Just curious if it is considered too big, too "60-year-old-man" like, or what?

I have seen a few 650i convertibles around Dallas, and with the top down, they do seem rather long. Yesterday, I saw a 650i hardtop, with the 20" wheel package and LCD lights. The car looked very nice, very premium. I drove behind it for a while and noticed something odd. The cabin/greenhouse looked about the same size as my E92. But the body was obviously wider, but not in a good way. It just seemed like the cabin was too small for the width of the car, and the proportions were out of whack.

If anything, it made me realize that the E92 (even non-M) has good balance design.
Personally, I "moved from an F12". I owned both at the same time, so was able to compare the attributes of both closely. The F12 is fast, fairly comfortable - although I found my seats to be on the hard side (M's are softer) - and handles really well for its size. I like the concept of a big coupe/convertible - but said coupe should at least have some practicality to go with the exterior dimensions. Although, the trunk is fairly sizable for a convertible.

After taking delivery of my E92M, my F12 wasn't getting used as much, couldn't even comfortably put Jr.'s car seat in the back, and expect my girl to ride along. I think I could fit someone in the back of my MINI easier than my F12 Then I started questioning some of the small detail aspects of the F12 - why doesn't it have rear vents and reading lights - all of the F12's competitors do, as well as the E92/E93. I guess these options are reserved for the Gran Coupe. Also, I am assuming that the true intent of the F12/F13 is that of a "2 + 2" Gran Tourer - rather than that of a true 4 place convertible/coupe. I saw 2 couples in an F12 and i wanted to ask how they achieved that - there was no possible way the folks in the back, or the front for that matter, could have been comfortable - regardless of how hard they tried to play it off

The F12 is much more visceral than the the other V8 F Series cars (F01/F02/F07/F10) the N63 has a nice bark and exhaust note in this car - do a DINAN Stage 2 and there is not much out there that can touch it - I personally think its underrated power wise.

Don't get me wrong the F12/F13 are nice cars, I especially like the F13 M6. That being said, when I took delivery of my F12 there weren't many around, the novelty soon wore off, and the desire for me to drive it weaned. It ended up sitting for days. I guess I'm different in this regard - I enjoy driving my non-sunroof - M3 more

Go drive the F12/F13 - personally I recommend the 8 cylinder version, as it adds to the appeal of the car. Nothing against the 6 cylinder cars, but its just doesn't carry the same effect in my book.
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