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So awesome!

Regarding gearboxes, etc. Electric motors present a different set of challenges than IC engines.

An electric motor has a very flat torque curve. They generate torque from a standstill all the way to 15k RPM (varies). Ask any gearbox mechanic, and they'll tell you that torque is what breaks gearboxes.

Building a gearbox that can hold up under the stress of such a flat torque curve isn't easy. A gear set needs to be strong to hold up under the torque load, but needs to dissipate heat readily when operating at high RPM. The two engineering needs are in conflict. A bulky gear set is strong, but retains a lot of heat. A lightweight gear set dissipates heat readily, but can't hold up under the torque. I expect we'll see some innovation in gearbox engineering as EV picks up steam in the enthusiast market. Active cooling, exotic materials... you name it, it's coming.

One thing is for sure. There is no reason to think that the trend toward EV means a decline in fun for the enthusiast. To the contrary, I think EVs have the potential to be just as exciting as an IC engine, if not more.
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