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The visible part of the saddle is about 11mm thick. There is a stem on the bottom of the saddle that is pressed into the inner tube. The total saddle thickness is about 40mm. You need to drill a 10mm diameter hole 30mm deep in order to accommodate the pin on the block.

It's possible to do that with a hand held power drill, but, it will be difficult to keep the drill centered and the hole perpendicular to the saddle surface. Not to mention that a 10mm drill is larger than the typical 3/8" drill chuck that you probably have kicking around the house.

You really should try to find someone with a drill press to drill the holes. If you are unable to get help locally then you are welcome to send me just the inner tubes and I will drill the holes for you and return the tubes for a small charge to cover the return shipping. If you have the newer style jack stands with captive inner tubes I will explain how to separate the inner and outer tubes so you don't have to ship the outer tubes.

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I don't have a drill press and was just planning on drilling through the saddle (I am just a weekend warrior doing a few track days a year, the jacks will not get heavy use); I got the headless bolts for ease of removal in case I needed the jacks for my wife's SUV. Will this be ok?