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Originally Posted by lorinzo View Post
Sounds like it worked for you and commend you giving a shout out.

For anyone who wants to pay to avoid the hassle, I totally understand. And, there are certain circumstances where these guys hopefully have the knowledge and experience to do a better job than you could do yourself.

However, for the bulk of these issues, the battle is won or lost simply upon whether the LEO shows up. If the LEO does NOT appear, you win. If the LEO shows up, you (in most instances) lose. If the LEO shows up, he/she will be prepared to argue the basis for the ticket.

The worst that can happen to you is already done... this happened when you were cited. Assuming you conduct yourself appropriately and with respect for the system, the situation is not going to get worse if you go to Court.
Yep, that was my intent the first time I went to court. But with 2 points on my record I didn't want to risk getting a third point and found it worth it to pay for it in this case, rather than have the point be on record.

Of course, the best way to win this battle is to not get a ticket at all. A bit hard when you occasionally want to punch it as any LEO will simply think "speeding" or if you are not speeding it's a "contesting time" ticket. Either way, you end up losing money or time.