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Thanks, At VIR the car and brakes were 28k old, at NJMP it the car is on 30k miles, brakes were 600 miles old and OEM brake fluid was 400 miles old.

I am going to get the super blue and thinking of getting carbotech XP12's for the front pads. and XP8 or XP10 on the rear pads

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There are quite a few possibilities here, although I agree that it was probably a recipe of many things.

How many miles are on the car now, compared to when you went to VIR? If you have some older brake fluid, that will contribute to soggy pedal feel.

Two things I would suggest:

Bleed and put in a higher temp brake fluid (Super Blue, Motul, etc) as this will refresh the fluid and take out any air bubble you may have.

I would also consider a set of track pads for your next outing. This will really improve your experience and safety on the track.

While on track at Mid Ohio, I watch a car lose its brakes going down the back stretch to China Beach and took out a 2 week old Boss 302 Mustang. He was using OEM brake bluid and brakes.

Don't want to scare you, just something to think about.

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