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I think it's sad that the 'Ring is going to be closed but there's a reason why the 'Ring fell out of favor in the racing world, why FIA GT holds less events there, why F1 completely left, and why they aren't making money.

As a professional race track, it's simply an extremely dangerous place. It features changing elevations over hundreds of feet, extremely long straights, blind corners, blind chicanes, off-camber turns that have killed unfocused drivers, and if you do crash, good luck getting an ambulance in less than 10-15 minutes while you bleed to death on the asphalt.

The 'Ring will always have a historical place as a benchmark track for all the major performance car manufacturers, but I think it's time the motorsport community evaluates what made the 'Ring captivating, take the good, and integrate that into a newer, safer, but still enthralling race track, for the good of the sport. Then I could see a place like that being not only profitable, but also safe, and still entertaining for us all.
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